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    Made2Manage Software Support - “Get the Best”

    NuStar Resources provides personalized support for Made2Mange. This means having someone who can understand your business needs and work with your organization to provide solutions that work. NuStar Resources has twenty years Made2Mange experience with long-term customer relationships.

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    M2M Customizations / Integrations – “Efficiency Improvement"

    NuStar Resources had built up a vast reservoir of Customizations and Integrations with Made2Manage. This Customizations / Integrations personalize Made2Mange to allow your company to have better controls, be more efficient and to have a better understanding of your manufacturing environment. Some of Made2Manage Improvements are free for the asking. Other improvements can be easily changed to fit your company’s needs.

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    Made2Mange Migrations – “As Smooth as Silk”

    NuStar Resources has perfected the method for migrations with Made2Mange. This includes fixing and verifying all issues that arise from the migration and hand holding after the migration takes place. The live migration will take place during the weekend and performed remotely. Users will have all customizations and enhancements working on the first day. Any unforeseen issues will be handled by onsite support. 

  • .VBA / .Net Technical Skills – “Problem Solved”

    Performing the technical aspect of providing a business solution is all part of NuStar Resources services. But instead of waiting, most issues and customizations can be done quickly. Group discussions in the morning can produce solutions in the afternoon – Problem Solved. For more complex solutions, detail quote will be prepared within a week of the request. NuStar Resources keeps current with all methods and tools for providing stable, reliable and cost effective solutions.

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    Data Cleansing – “Data Mess No More”

    How many companies get rid of data in their system that is no longer needed? But just like have a cluttered garage, finding things because so much more difficult with data clutter. But how can you go about getting rid of the old not needed information? NuStar Resources has automated the process of identifying and removing the not needed information.

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    Integrated Document Imaging – “How Easy It Is”

    Many companies would like to be come paperless but how many ever achieve it? The key is to have an easy method for the creating the document image and an easy method to retrieve the documents. NuStar Resources has integrated Document Imaging with Made2Manage to simplify the process and provide all the data keys from Made2Manage for easy document imaging retrieval.