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Made2Manage With A Personal Touch.

NuStar values each of our clients. Our care for you impacts how we handle every aspect of our business!

Made2Manage Support
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Made2Manage Resources: Questions and Needs

NuStar is proud to be your consultant for all of your Made2Manage questions.

Here To Address All Of Your Concerns. 

Whether you have just a few questions about your software or need training so you can make the most out of Made2Manage, our consultants are here to help! 

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Made2Manage Works For You

Made2Manage Works For You. We Show You How! 

Made2Manage software is an amazing resource for business owners, but it can be intimidating and hard to navigate. We show you how to best utilize this software so you can see growth and success. 

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Made2Manage Experts.

We have worked with this software for over two decades, making us industry leaders in Made2Manage support! 

Here to address
Personal Touch

NuStar is here to serve businesses across the nation by helping you understand and utilize Made2Manage software. We know that owning and managing a business is one of the most time-intensive endeavors you can take on. You have to make sacrifices that you couldn’t imagine, lose sleep, take on stress, and a million other things that make being a business owner a difficult task. But we also know that business ownership is one of the most rewarding things you can take part in. Your ideas and vision unfold before your eyes, and you have a chance to impact the world through your company. To make this all easier, Made2Manage helps you do just that: manage your business. Over the years, we have found that Made2Manage has made running businesses easier, but we have also seen that with everything that your company demands from you, sometimes it works better to have someone to support your Made2Manage programs. That is where we come in. NuStar has the trained personnel to guide you through Made2Manage by answering your questions, training you, providing reports, and enhancing your overall experience with this software.

Why choose NuStar

NuStar’s approach is headed by Greg Borrell. Greg and our team have been supporting Made2Manage exclusively for over 20 years, which means we have an in-depth knowledge of this software. We have seen it grow and change, which means we know intimately how it works and how to use it to problem solve and make running your business easier for you! As business owners ourselves, we understand that you don’t want customer support to waste any of your time. NuStar is passionate about providing solutions to you  and your team so you can get back to what is important: growing your company. Our goal is to drive value to your management process, and we believe that Made2Manage, when understood and used correctly, can do just that. 

Made2Manage with a Personal Touch

Management software can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing, and that is the last thing you need when trying to manage your business. We believe there is no reason to waste your time or energy trying to figure out support software when you could be doing things to benefit your business, especially if you have a team like ours in your corner to help. The consultants at NuStar have crafted processes and models to enhance your Made2Manage experience so that you spend less time learning the software and more time utilizing it to its fullest potential. The core of our company is customer service. We are here to provide you with the resources and education you need to benefit your company on every level, starting from your Made2Manage software and working up. We want to offer a personal touch in a time when customer service, especially in the software world, can feel cold. Our team is made up of real consultants who will take time with you to answer your questions, teach you the ins and outs of Made2Manage, and help you become a more efficient and proficient user of this software system.

Let us help your business thrive
The goal of Made2Manage is for your business to run as smoothly as possible. NuStar is excited to be able to share our knowledge and processes with you so that you can see greater productivity in your company! We offer many enhancements for your Made2Manage software that makes running your business easier and less stressful. Among other things, our functions help you make changes across the board, tracking tools, and integrate data from Excel. We provide you with over a dozen reports that help you see your sales, production, and other financial information. Key exception reports help you understand costing discrepancies. And of course, we offer training resources for end of month processes, maintenance, and report filters. Our insights can benefit every aspect of your Made2Manage usage. Let us show you how!
Our Made2Manage Services

NuStar offers any and all support you could ever need for your Made2Manage Software.
-We provide software support to address your business’s specific needs and tailor your Made2Manage experience to fit your goals.
-We offer customizations and integrations, which allows your company to have better controls, increase efficiency, and help you gain a better understanding of your manufacturing environment.

-We have crafted a method for business migrations which includes defining new improvements,
training your staff, fixing issues that result from migrations and working with you after the migration
takes place. Onsite support is provided for any unseen issues.
-NuStar performs customizations for screens and reports. Enhancement tools include SQL
Reporting Services and .Net. Most of the enhancements are done quickly—within the day. For more
complicated issues, we will provide a quote and remedy the issue as quickly as possible while
meeting your deadline.
-Our team provides data cleansing to get rid of your old data that is taking up space. This helps your
employees operate more efficiently when they are clean and free of clutter.
-NuStar helps you establish Business Scorecards and Analytics to understand trends and problems
areas. These include Sales, Gross Margin and Production Efficiency. Scorecards tracks, daily,
weekly, monthly and yearly in graphic overlays. Tracking includes Sales persons, Estimators, Sales
Coordinators, Production Employees, Supervisors and Customers.
We have been learning this software for over 20 years, and we are excited that you are considering
us to help you utilize it to the fullest potential. NuStar wants to enhance your Made2Manage
experience and help you and your business thrive! NuStar offers any and all support you could ever
need for your Made2Manage Software.

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