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How to be a Scheduling Superstar like Judy!

What tools does Made2Manage have to assist the scheduler?

  • Planning and Scheduling module: Performs the heavy lifting scheduling work centers.

  • Shop Floor Manager: Updates all of Job Routings with completions and actual time spent.

  • Additional Fields:

Additional Resources: Tools, Other Equipment, Ability Level Operational Characteristics: Steel Gauge, Paint Color Simultaneous Operations: The number of Work Centers that can be used.

What is Daily Capacity Planning modeling tool and how does it work with Made2Manage?

Daily Capacity Planning Model is an Excel Model with Tab, Pivot tables and totals that allow a scheduler to get a complete visual of the daily schedules, analyze conflicts and set the priories and changes to the schedule as the day proceed.

Without a similar tool the scheduler is left to guess, manually try to build models and enter data or go out to the plant to see what is really happening.

It uses data from Made2Manage and perform simple to complex calculations for key factors and metrics to keep production scheduling efficiently. To update the model all that is needed is to click the refresh Icon in Excel.

How does the Daily Capacity Planning modeling tool enhance Judy’s scheduling ability?

  • Breaks down the Jobs operations in tabs that are color coded and have logical relationships to list and total together. These can be work centers, high value customers, rush jobs or any characteristics that allow the scheduler to view the information from their preferred view point.

  • Pulls in other job/operation data element characteristics that can be used to filter the data. Such data allows scheduling to minimize setup and group logical jobs together.

  • Perform complex calculations to highlight potential problems such as Jobs not moving according to estimate, slack to complete a job on time diminishing or daily/weekly/mthly capacity views.

What changes does Judy easily handle using the Daily Capacity Planning model?

  • Moving up a job in the schedule or slide in an unexpected rush Job.

  • Number of employees per work center have unexpectedly changed.

  • Unexpected material delay and implications to schedule.

  • The ability to view implications to transfer employees between Work Centers or Departments.

  • How much would the company gain by working overtime in Work Centers or Departments?

How does NuStar Resources help us setup our Daily Capacity Planning model?

  • The base model is free as part of NuStar Resource’s consulting tools.

  • We work with your operation personnel to define tabs, views, data and calculations to be part of the model. Determine sources of scheduling issues and how the model can help resolve.

  • Build the model base on the definition derived from the group including SQL query statements.

  • Continue to work with the scheduling group to refine and extend the model.


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