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Twelve Reasons to use NuStar Resources for Your Made2Manage Support.

Reason #1 – Years of Focused Experience

  • Software support company’s consultants come and go over time.

  • You want a consultant 100 % focused on one product: Made2Manage.

  • Years of project management and successful solutions with Made2Manage.

Reason #2 – Fast Response Time Responding to Questions and Providing Solutions.

  • No multiple layers of an organization to get someone to help.

  • Project Definitions and Quotes are given within a week.

  • Short fix solutions are provided by the end of the day.

  • Available during business and also off hours / weekends.

Reason #3 – Understand Your Company Totally.

  • Understand the goals and objectives of the Company.

  • Has worked with the Company to lay out a plan for improvement based on value and cost.

  • Works with individuals to support their best talents.

Reason #4 – Excellent skills in all of the Made2Manage areas.

  • Training in best use methods for Made2Mange.

  • Understand the Sales, Production and Finance of Made2Manage.

  • Provide custom reports, screens and Excel Pivot tables to support Made2Manage improvements.

  • Advance Configurator product expert.

Reason #5 – Available tools of other customer enhancements and methods.

  • Additional functions / reports for managing inventory.

  • Additional functions / reports for evaluating sales and gross margin.

  • Scorecards for tracking employee sales and production efficiency.

  • End of month tool set.

Reason #6 – Will get the best when migrating to a new version of Made2Manage.

  • Training and validation of the new version performed in a test environment.

  • Detail listing of new improvements / benefits with the migrations.

  • Assist with all aspects of the migration and also being on-site afterwards.

  • No additional cost for performing live migrations on the weekend.

Reason #7 – Can assist with Data Cleaning and Archiving.

  • Determine not needed Bills of Materials, Routings and Item Masters.

  • Assist with SQL script to clean up data so the archiving is most productive.

  • Provide backup and perform the archiving (normally performed on weekends).

  • Verify the results.

Reason #8 – Provide you with unbiased assessments.

  • Help to determine when it’s best to migrate to a new version or service pack.

  • Provide you with the Pros and Cons of staying with Aptean support.

  • Value to your company of other Made2Mange software products.

Reason #9 – Can Off Load Made2Manage Maintenance.

  • Maintenance normally needs to be done on Sunday which can be difficult to schedule.

  • NuStar can setup the maintenance process and perform it on the weekend.

  • Any data issues can be fixed before Monday starts.

Reason #10 – Can Assist with Data Reconstruction.

  • Import of new quotes prices, price contracts and forecasts.

  • Importing new customers / items into Made2Manage.

  • Move product line to new / different facilities.

  • Assist in the segmenting of the data when selling off part of the company.

Reason #11 – Provide a Great Resource for Improving Employee Skillsets.

  • Provide one on one / group training for advancing skill sets.

  • Condense three- day courses down to four two hour training sessions with better retention.

  • Train technical personnel with the necessary methods to provide custom reports and screens.

Reason #12 – Trust gained from the working relationship.

  • Know that you have someone in your court absolutely committed to your company’s success.

  • Confident that you are getting the best value for your Made2Manage support.

  • Long term relationship that allows you to trust the care of your company.

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