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Top Tool Tips for Ease of Use / Productivity with M2M

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The top twelve tool tips can be setup and used without any technical experience.

The last three tool tips can be easily learned from short training sessions from NuStar resources. All are available in 7.51 version without additional modules.

Tool Tip #1Multiple add / changes without saving. Use Key Board stokes for Actions.

  • Simple keep Adding / Changing the data on any screen before Saving (F6).

  • Hovering about each Active Form Icons will give you the Keyboard stroke(s). Type “keyboard” in M2M Help for list.

Tool Tip #2Add, remove fields and change order from any browse screen.

  • In a Browse screen, double click in the area above the field heading. A Column Chooser Box will appear to allow dragging off / on fields. Fields need to be available through the Data Dictionary (DICT) by changing the Browse / Lookup Order to a number greater than zero.

  • Available fields from the Data Dictionary (DICT) can be setup by Group.

  • The Browse screen fields and order will be retained by User.

Tool Tip #3Add calculated fields like On-hand, On Order, Committed to browse screen.

  • Available for any screen that pulls in Item Master information.

  • Fields need to be available through the Data Dictionary (DICT).

  • The local m2mwin.ini file needs to have this setting: ExcludeComputedColumns=False

Tool Tip #4Send Report Data Directly Excel file with Option to Open Immediately.

  • For any report, on the Action Form menu, Select File, Excel Data.

  • After printing it will ask if Open or Save.

Tool Tip #5 – Use Multiple Search Options to Segment / Sort the data for data mining.

  • Type just below the Field(s) name to activate the Contains selection for the Browse. Double click on any field to change the Sort Order.

  • Search selection includes Memo fields.

  • Create Multiple filter selections using Contains and Does not Contain to isolate matching data.

  • Group data by a sort field and then add a summary level to total numeric fields.

Tool Tip #6Export browse screen data to an Excel file after Segmenting / Sorting.

  • After browsing the data, click on the Export button in the lower right of the screen.

  • At the Export Preview screen, select File, Export Document, xlsx File.

Tool Tip #7 – Attach related documents to any screen for easy access later.

  • Setup a Shared folder on the Network for the documents to be located and selected.

  • For the various document types, populate the Users Tools under User Management.

  • Click Attachment / Weblink on the Action Tool Bar and select Add Attachment / Weblink.

  • Use the Search Button on far right to select the file and add a description, click and save.

  • To access the document(s), click Attachment / Weblink on the Action Tool Bar, the number of documents will be shown and click to retrieve and display.

Tool Tip #8 – Use Explorer to easily answer vendors and customers questions.

  • In the Data Dictionary change the fields selected and the order to best fit the user’s needs.

  • In the EIS tab, click the M2M Enterprise Explorer. Search on Module ID field to retrieve the Explorer for a screen.

  • Check the Favorites field to have the Explorer module available at all times on the right side tool bar Explorer Favorites.

Tool Tip #9 – Schedule Reports to be able to run unattended Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

  • For any report, on the Action Form menu, Select Schedule.

  • Enter in the Time to Run, Interval and location to send the PDF file.

  • Adjustments to when the report should be run or to stop can be made from the Command Scheduler Screen (CMDS).

  • M2M Processor Service Configuration needs to be Start (PROC) and ProcessCommands Enabled.

Tool Tip #10 – Use of Favorites to have frequently used screens / reports one click away.

  • Favorites is on the right side of the Made2Manage Screen.

  • To add to Favorites, Go to Home, Select Transfer and Right Click to add to Favorites.

Tool Tip #11 – Use of Locator for status of Operation events with drill down detail.

  • Locator is on the right side of the Made2Manage Screen.

  • Includes Quotes, Sales Orders, Job Orders, Shippers, Purchase Orders and Receivers.

  • Allows multiple selection methods, connects the related detail and clicking document #, goes to that screen.

Tool Tip #12 – Use of Business Analysis for clearly understanding key business factors.

  • BASOAN – Excellent for Sales / Profit by Customer, Product Class, Group Code.

  • BADOTS – Measure On-Time Delivery for Shipments to Customers.

  • BAPOTD – Measure On-Time Delivery for Vendor Receipts.

  • BAPREF – Measure Production Efficiency by Department, Work Center and Employee.

Tool Tip #13 – Emailed Documents directly Customer / Vendors.

  • Documents can be emailed one at a time by configuring System Setup and User Email tab.

  • Automatic emailing of documents can be setup through Events and Actions.

Tool Tip #14 – Add Related Screens to either Parent or Child Level for easy access.

  • Add to the Related button on the Active Form for any screen that has data connected to another screen; such as Accounts Receivable screen connected to the SO & Shipper screens.

  • This can also be done to any related report by adding to the Reports button.

  • This is done through the M2M easy to use Screen Customization tool.

Tool Tip #15 – Add Additional Fields to Screen from Related Tables to save look ups.

  • Add fields to a screen that need to be looked up from another screen; such as having Inventory On Hand, In Inspection, Available and On Order be displayed on the SO Item tab.

  • This is done through the M2M easy to use Screen Customization tool.

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